Detour time


Hey you, I know At times you want to write and post it in your blog publicly (for a change). I can see lately you’ve been having urges to do that, but then I notice you always  decide not to. I think I have an idea why.

It takes a lot from you to give people a peep of what’s running inside your head.. of the demons that are constantly haunting you. It takes a lot of courage to let people see how vulnerable you are ‘coz they are used to have this idea of a happy adventurous you. The you that always has a piece of sunshine with you.

But then most days, your head is up in the clouds. You’re excited but scared and most of the time I see you worry. After all these years though, you haven’t learned how to let people see it exactly how it is inside your head.. and you don’t know how to feel about it.

Now I see you about to do what you usually do when everything is getting too intense and overwhelming. You are taking a step back and a little detour. A ‘lil break to clear your mind. Your reset button. A short absence only to come back and show up with a clear head and a stronger spirit.


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