Another shot at being fit and healthy

20170111_195117The picture shows the first 2 veggies I bought this year. Haha!πŸ˜…

A few days before 2016 ended, while spending the holiday break with my sister, we often talked about how we want to be fit and healthy. One of the plans we came up with was to cut the white rice from our meal and start preparing our own healthy meal. I’m talking about veggies, fruits, less to zero oil kind of food. #mealprep . Β As soon as I got back in Manila, day 1, I went to the supermarket to buy myself the food I need. The label says it’s organic so I’m assuming they’re the good kind of veggies.

I’m now on Day 8 and the struggle is becoming more real! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…Β Names


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