Off the Coast.. : Thoughts unexpressed

It’s unfortunate how we sometimes choose to keep our thoughts and feeling to ourselves. Sure they say some things are better left unsaid but.. I don’t know. Sometimes, the things we keep to ourselves feel like scrap metals being scratched on to the surface of our brains and it scars your heart. It seems like the more we keep them to ourselves, the more they scathe us. Those unsaid thoughts haunt us. They haunt us so bad they sometimes get the best of us. What i find weird though is that we know what is good for us (or at least we think we know). We think keeping some of our thoughts and feelings to ourselves is the right thing to do. We THINK it’s what’s good for us..and we believe that. We believe it but it doesn’t really mean we feel comfortable about it. We’re not comfortable about it but we do it anyway because our guts tell us it is the right thing to do. I’m not sure how it is for the rest of the crowd but I sometimes have this melancholic moment wherein I wonder if the thoughts I left unexpressed would even make a difference.

‘WHAT will happen if you spill it out?.’

‘Will it change the game? Will the haunting stop?’

‘Will it make me feel better?’

–I don’t think it will..  I still want to, but I think i’m not supposed to.


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